John Brighenti || About

I am a seasoned professional with nearly a decade of graphic design and eLearning experience -- a driven and passionate individual with a proven track record and a constant need for self-improvement.

I have played an integral role in the development of graphic and eLearning products for the US Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy, National Guard Bureau, Missile Defense Agency, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Housing and Urban Development and Department of Agriculture. Along the way, I have won awards, worn every hat and have worked at every level of a team from junior designer to senior project lead.

I am currently the Senior Content Developer for an IT firm in Washington, DC, which has allowed me to begin to expand my skillset into the realm of instructional design.

It has been a long journey from there to here, but I feel like it's just getting started.

Key Areas of Experience
  • Adobe creative suite
  • Flash animation
  • Interface design
  • Photography
  • Post-phot production
  • Content development
  • LMS administration
  • Not taking myself seriously
  • Witty repartee